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Zim, SA and Nigerian artists collaborate on an anti-xenophobia song..

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Zimbabwean musician Derek Mpofu ,Ras Caleb and Alexio Kawara together with Nigerian Super guitarist Kunhle Ayo ,Ringo as well as Winnie Khumalo are set to release an anti xenophobia track next week.

Speaking to celebrity check , Ras Caleb emphasized that  as artists it is their duty to spread the gospel of peace in each and every society.

ras caleb recording

Ras Caleb recording

“The song is a cry to Africa , A cry to humanity, to stop the xenophobia that is going on in South Africa. In the acknowledgment that we as artiste we are custodians of culture and voices of reason  in society and having an ability to cut across boundaries irregardless of language race we have decided to come up with a song that brings forth the message of peace,” he said

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The song which is titled ‘We are’ is set to hit the streets anytime next week.

However, the issue of xenophobia attacks which are taking place in South Africa ,has created an uncomfortable environment for most of the people in Zimbabwe who have their loved ones staying there.

Meanwhile the situation has gone worse ,with people threatening not to attend the Casper Nyovest show highlighting that they dont see the point of celebrating whilst their relatives and friends are being treated like dogs in South Africa.

Casper Nyovest himself have taken his time to tweet telling people that he will continue on his show besides what is going on. He was also seen tweeting his views on this xenophobia issue citing it as cruel and disgusting.



This shows that the xenophobia issue has not only affected the lives of people living in South Africa, but it has also affected the music industry as a whole with the continued canceling of shows as well as heavy criticism of artistes if they dont air their views pertaining this issue.


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