Clyde Banks

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Clyde Macathur Chirikure aka “Clyde Banks” is a hip hop artist who is making waves representing Zimbabwe and the African continant at large for as far as the genre is concerned. Back in the day the fast rising chanter used to perform at the school hall for the school AIDS club and many of his primary school colleagues have fond memories of that time hence it is believed that those were the roots of his career. He did not stop there, as he went to high school he curved a career in the music industry where his lyrics points to the lives and hardships of being born and raised in the ghetto.

the guy behind the hit track -Ebola

the guy behind the hit track -Ebola

His music has this feeling that just captivates listeners, he is undisputably the fastest rapper in Zimbabwe with a style of laying some hard fast paced lyrics on songs at times. When he was asked about the type of genre he sang he said “I think its wrong for music to be catergorised because that limits the artist to create art. Music is a language that is still being descovered lets not label it like we have figured it out okay.”

He is a young man with a passion and belief to his community’s hygiene. Clyde recently held a cleaning campaign in his Community with the aid of his fellow youth church members from United Methodist, the City Council and Bakers Inn hailed this and joined-in in making this event a success.

The founder of the Brand Royal which has grown from its roots Royal Records to clothing line as well as cliques, it boast with the presence of rappers, TV presenters DJ’s video directors as well as instrumantalist

His hits include “Ebola” wich reached no 3 on Power fm chats, this was also his first official single wich is suprising that it hit the streets with a bang. The song also drop with a video were he is seen sitting and eating right from garbage bins which he says was a tough script to follow even though he did follow. The “ebola” video was directed by Trexx who has been hinted to feature on Clyde Banks’s debut Project.

The Pursuit Of Primary Fame (PPF), ebola is a liked joint by kids who often recites its catch chorus relating it to Cassper Nyovest “Doc Shebeleza” a renowed artist from South gets Massive Play on Zbc aswell. ARRIVAL-this was Clyde Banks’s second official single on this song he unrevails a powerful lyrical prouse wich is undisputed. His style on this song is not relatable to that of Stunner or Maskiri, on this song he shows a new type of a trendsetting artist in Zim’s rap Industry.

The punchlines on this song keep flowing and at the third verse he actually raps in Tswana, a Botswana and South African toungue something as Zimbabweans we havent heard before. The beat has a sample wich is believed to be of “Rihanna”voice but the producer of the song “Kraezie Majik” never was available to comment on this however, this song has also done well on radio charts and even he got invited on Zbc to perform the hit single.

A lot of praise and support gathered from this exposer easpecially with his official anouncement of signing new Artist at the record label “Royal Records” he says “This song is a declaration of our arrival as young people who had never been given voice in this country you are gonna see a lot of changes from now on “the intro of the song also emphasise this as well. This followed the signings of artist such as Nizzy Raps (Mazigreen), 2 Kul and even Winnie the gospel Protogee.

The video was shoot in his hometown and will be dropping soon, hopefully before his project Pursuiy Of Primary fame on the 7th of September.  This is the the most hyped anticipated project fron Clyde Banks so far, “as an artist whose music is much linked to my lifestyle, i have been working on this project all my life and I think it is about time I let people know me in, this way” with just two singles from the project released it promises to be fireworks.

There has been hints of features from renowoned artist like Tererai, Nizzy Raps And DJ Stayera as well there also has been rumours of a feature with the ZBC television YGT presenter Kimberly Mabika (Afro Poetic Mind) but all will certainly be revealed on the 7th of september unfortunately. He says the songs were his working on for this project are a mixture of all emotions and sides of life all mainly with a strong backbone of beats from the vastly Talented Krazie Majik.




The features as well show that he says the release day is his step Mothers birthday and its selection was out of respect and gratitude in thanking her of entering them at a young age and nuturing and instilling vital elemants that have made him who he is today.Another intresting aspect about this day is that the Iconic renowened rapper TUPAC SHAKUR died at this very day.A coincidence well,we dont think so.

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