Fangz El Ceasar

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“Let The Poet Speak”

Born Ebenezer Takunda Mupinda, Fangz El-Caesar is known to be the hardcore rapper bringing true talk first to the street, then to the world at large. Known to perform at every Peace in The Hood Concert, Shoko Fest, Rap City and Rep Yo Clique events, Fangz has been known to connect directly to his followers with a heartfelt performance with rich lyrics that address the life of growing up in the ghetto with only ambition and talent as his motivation. As one of the proponents of the “Jechary Sound”, Fangz believes that music is a tool that shapes the human minds in a way that education can only dream of.
“Music is the universal language that determines the way every person interacts, behaves and lives in general, hence it is the most powerful weapon that can either shape or destroy a generation” – Fangz El-Caesar. Hence the “Caesar” is using rap to create a “New Rome” where music is used to identify one’s self and construct a positive society.
Early Life
Ebenezer Mupinda was born on Friday the 5th of June 1992. Attending his primary level at John Cowie School, Ebenezer first fell in love with rock music with drumming being his favourite band position. But moving to Chipinge gave birth to a passion in Hip Hop after listening to Eminem’s Cleaning Up My Closet.

His first set of bars was written in 2005 and was recorded on a portable cassette player with a beat playing in the background. Ebenezer’s vivid novel reading gave birth to the name Fangz in 2006 after reading a novel called Pawns by Charles Samupindi. Fangz’ rapping skills were later developed at Gaza High School Chipinge as they hosted a freestyle battle every Wednesday at break time. His first contract was signed at dB Records (formally Deuces Up! Records) an associate of McGyver’s Ice Reign Records. The track “Hating On” with BSQ and Soundbenda along with the controversial track “End of War” gave him the title “Face of Hip Hop Chipinge” after the track went viral in Manicaland.

On moving to Harare, Fangz recorded a mixtape at Ice Reign under a contractual deal with McGyver. This later gave birth to his constant performance at Mashoko Festival and Rap City. A track called Burn which he featured Irie Ian was placed on number 6 greatest tracks of 2014 on I AM ZIMBO online magazine. Now recording under King Pinn Records in Glen Norah, Fangz has set to release fire projects starting with his official debut “Watsamweiko Fangz” which has been the main attraction at Rap City and Peace in The Hood. The track was also the “fire set” at the closing ceremony of Book Café in 2015. Fangz has been a performing artist with several of his performances being aired on ZBCtv with the Hitsong watsamweiko Fangz on ZiFM’s top 100 and standing at number 30.

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