Ninja Lipsy

Real name: Tendazvaitwa Chitimbe

D.O.B :  3 April

Populary known as Ninja Lipsy in the Dancehall circles and  has taken the dancehall music genre by storm. Lipsy of the Musarove Bigman fame started doing music when she was fourteen years in 2004. Little did she know that she was going to be a dancehall star because by then she was focusing on her Hip Hop career.

IMG-20150223-WA0001 lipsy

Ninja Lipsy grew up in one of Harare’s oldest and biggest township, Highfield. She attended her pre-school at Zimbabwe Children’s home pre-school. Then she graduated to Mbizi Primary school then later Highfield high school for her secondary education.

Brighter days for the Ninja Lady came around in 2009 when she joined Vigillance Records. That is when she had a breakthrough in her Dancehall career when she did a track with dancehall bigman Winky D.

IMG-20150223-WA0005ninja lady Lipsy

Since then the 1st Ninja lady has been doing dancehall music but she highlights that her sound is  hiphop and dance hall put together.  Ninja Lipsy is popularly known for songs that include Kumaninja and Mababie Anoita. This year has seen the Ninja Lady being nominated for an award in the ZimDancehall Awards 2014 for the best Female award.


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