Paddy Watts

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Paddy Watts as he is popularly known in the showbiz industry was born Paddington Watungwa in Kadoma.The urban grooves artist is based in South Africa and has passion and love for music which started way back when he was in Kadoma.

Paddy started his music career  way back in 2001 when he used to be a DJ in Kadoma before recording in 2012 after meeting Nox in South Africa.He as an album Home Grown which was launched on 14 February 2015  at the Oasis Hotel in Harare.

Home Grown is an interesting album which is a 12 track album with songs featuring Zimbabwe local urban grooves like Nox Nguni,Trinta,and Tawanda Mugodhi amongst others.

His greatest strength is that he connects so fast with whoever he want and to him its an advantage.He has connected with prominent stars like Buffalo Souljah,Ja Seed of  Bongomaffin and other guys who are doing it big out of Zimbabwe.His music is inspired by his day to day life events and he writes his own songs.

Paddy in whatever he does he always depend and trust in God as he believes that with Him all things are possible.

His favorite instrument is mbira and uses the fusion of the local instrument to season his music and cooks what he refers to as the true African flavor which defines his roots.

Paddy Watts sees himself traveling all over the world with fully equipped band making it big in the music industry in the next five years. Paddy also landed the 41st position on the ZimOnLine top 100 list in 2014.57433_636933063022376_660872381_o10730221_739844679403370_8301393164887795363_n

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