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S.P.A.R.T.A is an Afro Hip-Hop Crew originating from the dusty streets of the ghetto Kuwadzana Extension located in Harare, Zimbabwe. It comprises of four members namely Trigga, IceWest, Shizo & Dj Casper (stage names). They came together and formed this crew in December 2014 after they realised that their unique artistic nature would bring a great feel to the listeners.

Trigga real name Terrence Tenesi has a deep background in African roots having spent some part of his childhood in rural areas. The vibe he brings in his lyrics reveals his understanding in the shona culture and plays a vital role in the crew with his prowess.

IceWest real name Tafadzwa Chidoti is bound to his art and is well known for his poetic content. The role he plays in the crew is significant as his ideologies are realistic to our day to day lives.

Shizo real name Shingirai Nago centres his belief on social life and the deviant life of a street hustler. Lyrically expresses himself in series of metaphors and adds life to the crew’s content.

Dj Casper real name Casper Mpofu diversifies art and uses different languages in his delivery. As an anchor his contribution to the crew is quite helpful in defining their worth.

Discography- this crew is well versed and has singles that have made a big change in the lives of a lot because of the message they carry. Their music is internationally acclaimed as they do not only target local but the international market.

2014 December – Idya Mari single and video
2015 -Ghetto Superstar
-Hande Kumafaro
-Bottles Up
-Ngoma nehosho
-Stop Xenophobia
-Chii Chinonzi Rudo
-Boyz Rangu
-Harare Carnival (official theme song)

They have performed on some local venues like Beer Engine, Groove Café, Mereki Bar and other corporate and social events.
S.P.A.R.T.A are the original composers of the Harare International Carnival 2015 theme song which later was transformed into a masterpiece when they collaborated with various successful artists with the help of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Entertainment Program.

They have worked with high profile artists like BaShupi, Eve Kawadza, Rute, Flem B, Albert Nyathi, Madiz, Derrick Mpofu, Wanai, Willis Wataffi Tricky J, Alvina Magaya and more other upcoming artists. They also run a clothing label which has gained popularity in the streets of Zimbabwe.

S.P.A.R.T.A also features on Wanai’s latest video “Ndayarutsa” available on youtube for viewing.
Currently Working on Their latest album “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” which features various well known artists.



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