“Zimbabwe is the powerhouse of african hiphop”-Mtawarira

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Yes we all know Audius Mtawarira with his deep lyrics and soft vocals….now we are in for a treat as the younger brother Ronald Mtawarira popularly known as Rontingz has now taken the same musical path , celebrity check got the opportunity to have a mini chat with him.
Who is Rontingz?
Rontingz is a 29 year old guy…not married…no kids….i studied sounds and music technology in Malaysia.Since my father passed on i have been focusing more on farming.Farming has been a first priority whilst music a hobby.So i thought since i have the knowledge in music and sound technology let me try and see how far i can go.
Take us through your musical journey from when you started to present?
I dont want to lie…. i started rapping two years ago. i tried singing but my voice wasn’t good, then my brother Audius advised me to try rapping.Personally i am good in production. I was raised in a musical family, my dad was a guitarist and my brother you all know who he is.
What are the problems you have faced?
I have faced a lot of problems especially in finding a legit promoter.Most of the times promoters market their shows with your name later on they dont pay you.Its one of those things you face but at the end of the day when you are good you will surely make it.
At one point you were quoted saying,” Zimbabwe is the powerhouse of African hip hop do u still share the same opinion?
Yes i still do …we lack funding, we lack production equipments but if you put AkA and battle him out with our local artistes you will see that we have the talent its just that we dont have the money to take our music beyond boarders.Right now Zimdancehall has taken over but very soon people will realize that Zim hip hop is here to stay.
In Zimbabwe which hip hop artist do you think is the best?
Marcus,Tehn diamond and Junior brown… they make hip hop what it is….I salute them.
As a hip hop artiste yourself do you listen to Zimdancehall?
Yes aah …i do… I am a hip hop artist but like i said i am mainly a producer if you focus on one genre you are not really a producer… you have to listen to everything.
If you were to choose to be either a fan of lady Squanda or Ninja lipsy who would you choose?
Ha ha ha… honestly i am a fan of Lady squanda because at the end of the day its all about the character and i think Lady squanda has it all.
So now we are getting personal….are you in a relationship?
Well ..i am about to get in a relationship ,there is someone that i have my eyes on… so its all up to God..maybe it will work maybe it will not work God knows.
Any projects that you are working on right now?
At the moment i am focusing on farming but by June i am promising Zimbabwe a lot especially from my 11 track album.
Besides music what else do you do?
I am a hustler… and i also do mining.
As an artist yourself what are you doing to help other upcoming artistes who are struggling?
Well , i am actually in a group called Music Beyond Boarders… we have come together as a group of people including Marcus ,Hakeem, me and many others, as soon as we get a firm foundation we are going to create a production and videography platform for artistes so that we make sure that their videos qualify for channel O and other popular channels.
Do you have any videos you have done so far?
Not yet but l will be shooting the video for the song wabble and i promise that the video is going to be clean.I am from a Christian background and i wouldn’t want my mother to see me shoot dirty videos because we are not looking for an audience we are looking for market.

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