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ZIRA Opens Up SMS Voting

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The Zimbabwe Radio Awards, have opened up the SMS voting platform which will enable people to vote for their favorite radio personalities who have been nominated for the inaugural awards that will be held on October 29 in Harare.

Director and organizer of the project, Agrippa Palazi said voting will only be on one platform this year in which they are using this method to encourage nominees to seek votes and reach out to their audience.

“This is a method that will allow nominees to seek votes, by so doing they will be marketing themselves as they engage listeners in their quest for winning,” said Agrippa Palazi.

He said each nominee has been given a special code which carries initials of the names of each one of them for the voter to easily identify the one they would want to vote for.

“The SMSs will cost 0.20cents per each vote and we would like to encourage people to take part in this initiative in which we are promising lots of prices to those who would have voted for more than once,” he said.

He also said in order for them to reduce any biases listeners are to choose for themselves winners through SMS voting in which any outcome would be the final result.

Meanwhile radio stations and nominees have began the race in searching for votes through promoting themselves on social media platforms and they have encouraged people to support the first edition of the awards that will recognize them for the work they do.

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